CD-ROM Lock 2.0

CD-ROM Lock is a useful program for blocking CD drives
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CD-ROM Lock is a tiny but useful program that has been designed to block our CD-ROM devices to prevent their unauthorized usage. This application provides a password-protected user interface, thus making it possible to stop anyone from ejecting one or all of our CD/DVD disks (unless he/she knows the password). We can lock/unlock all our CD-ROM devices at once by means of the program's interface accessible through the icon in the system tray. Optionally, we can set our own hotkeys to lock/unlock these drives, set the program to start the program on Windows startup, opt to lock CD-ROMs when the program starts, and so on.

Although this program stops other users from ejecting the CD-ROMs, it does not prevent them (or us) from accessing/viewing the content of the disks that are already in the drive. This program may come in useful at home and in the office (families with small children, youngsters, staff, etc.). By using this tool, we can make sure that nobody uses the CD-ROM devices in unintended ways. The free evaluation version lets us only block the first CD-ROM drive for 5 minutes. We can use this demo version for 21 days.

Review summary


  • Quite small and user-friendly
  • We can control the use of our CD-ROM drives
  • Free trial


  • A bit expensive
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